• WANBAM (Women and Non-Binary Altruism Mentorship)

    connects and supports

    a global network of women

    and non-binary Effective Altruists

    through mentorship.

    Quick update from our team! The reception to the mentorship program has been incredible. In the space of two weeks, we have received 71 applications. We were delighted with the quality of the applicants and are now working with our mentors to finalize matches! More to follow.



    Effective Altruism (EA) is about answering one question: how can we use our resources to help others the most? We believe that to solve these complex and critical questions, we need incredible people with a diversity of skills and perspectives. Following the Women and Non-Binary people’s meet-up at Effective Altruism Global, San Francisco, 2019, a number of attendees commented on the potential for a mentorship program specifically targeted at providing additional support to promising newcomers to EA who self-identify as women or non-binary.

    Since then, we have sought and received expressions of interest from forty potential mentors. We are now accepting applications for mentees and are excited for the first round of applications. We want to hear from women and non-binary people who are excited to explore how they could utilize their careers or other resources to do the most good.


    Every couple of months, we feature a different group of mentors participating in our project!

    Rosie Campbell

    Program Lead at the Partnership on AI

    Rosie Campbell is a Program Lead at the Partnership on AI. She is interested in the safe development of AI for the long-term flourishing of humanity, including areas like global cooperation strategy and responsible publication norms for Machine Learning research. Rosie was the Assistant Director of the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI), a technical AI safety research group at UC Berkeley.

    Katie Glass

    Head of the Groups team at CEA​

    Katie Glass has worked in community building for ~8 years. She joined the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) in 2017 and was the director of the EA Global and EAGx conferences series in 2018. She's now Head of the Groups team which is responsible for ensuring that local Effective Altruism groups have the resources and support they need to be successful. ​

    Habiba Islam

    Senior Administrator at FHI and GPI

    Habiba Islam is the Senior Administrator for the Future of Humanity Institute and Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University, helping the two research centres implement ambitious growth plans. Habiba qualified as a barrister and worked as a management consultant with PwC where she specialized in operational and process improvement in local government and charities.

    Karolina Sarek

    Co-founder and Director of Research at Charity Entrepreneurship

    Karolina Sarek is a Co-founder and Director of Research at Charity Entrepreneurship and a board member at Charity Science. She leads the research team, aiming to find the most evidence-based, cost-effective and neglected interventions, and train others in starting high impact charities to implement them. She also serves as a Fund Manager at Effective Altruism Animal Welfare Fund.

    Bridget Williams

    Medical Doctor and Research Fellow at Monash University

    Bridget is a medical doctor who specializes in public health medicine, conducting research to guide policy responses to communicable diseases. She has recently taken up a position of research fellow at Monash University, after previously working as a public health registrar at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne. Bridget has also completed an internship with the World Health Organization’s Global Influenza Programme and has experience in clinical medicine in Melbourne, Darwin, rural Victoria, and Vanuatu.


    We are actively seeking mentees! We will prioritize candidates with enthusiasm and aptitude to pursue impactful career paths. After an initial screening with our team, we will match potential mentees with mentors based on

    i) their interest area(s),

    ii) the type of support they are interested in, and

    iii) their potential career plans.


    If you are interested we'd love to hear from you! Please complete this application.


    Our team is Sarah (Stardust) Spikes (sdspikes@cs.stanford.edu), Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn (kathryn.mecrow@gmail.com), and Catherine Lowe (cafelow@gmail.com). The form below goes straight to our project's shared email address but if you want to contact us separately, you can use the emails above.