• WANBAM connects and supports a global network of women, trans people of any gender, and non-binary people interested in Effective Altruism through mentorship

  • About us

    Effective Altruism (EA) is about answering the question, "How can we use our resources to help others the most?" We believe that to solve this question, we need incredible people with a diversity of skills and perspectives.


    WANBAM was founded with the aim of inspiring and supporting women, trans people of any gender, and non-binary people pursuing high-impact career paths. Since late 2019, we have matched and facilitated the mentoring of over 120 people. Our mentor base has quickly grown to over 50 people from 25 different organizations.

  • Community

    Our mentor and mentee community spans twenty-five countries, and all inhabited continents.

  • Team

    Our Board of Directors

    Two of our directors work at the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), from whom we received a grant via the EA Meta Fund. Neither had any previous involvement with Meta Fund grantmaking, and will recuse themselves from any input on future grants.

    Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn

    Director (President) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn started her career in international development and human rights public interest litigation. Three years ago, she became involved in Effective Altruism. This culminated in her running the UK operations of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). She is now the Curriculum Developer and Philanthropic Educator for The Life You Can Save where she focuses upon the Giving Games Project. She founded WANBAM in 2019 and acts as a Consultant for high impact organizations.

    Habiba Islam

    Director (Secretary)

    Habiba Islam is the Senior Administrator for the Future of Humanity Institute and Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University, helping the two research centres implement ambitious growth plans. Habiba qualified as a barrister and worked as a management consultant with PwC where she specialized in operational and process improvement in local government and charities.

    Catherine Low

    Director (Treasurer)

    Catherine is Groups Support for the EA Local Groups team of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). She has held many roles as a Community Builder for Effective Altruism including as a founding member of Effective Altruism New Zealand, compiling resources for the LEAN Project, and acting as a manager for SHIC.

    Karolina Sarek


    Karolina Sarek is a Co-founder and Director of Research at Charity Entrepreneurship and a board member at Charity Science. She leads the research team, aiming to find the most evidence-based, cost-effective and neglected interventions, and train others in starting high impact charities to implement them. She also serves as a Fund Manager at Effective Altruism Animal Welfare Fund.

    Sky Mayhew


    Sky provides support, resources, and strategy recommendations to individuals and organizations in the effective altruism community. She works in close collaboration with Julia on community health at the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). Currently, she primarily consults on media, mentorship, and diversity, equity, & inclusion.

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    We are looking for women, trans people of any gender, and non-binary mentors who are mid-senior level in impactful career paths and excited to discuss further providing support to promising newcomers to Effective Altruism. Please complete this application.

    Apply to be a mentee

    WANBAM just commenced our second six-month round which will continue until January 2021. Regardless, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved in our events or for a one-off call with one of our mentors. Please complete this application.

  • Are you hiring?

    If you are an EA or EA-aligned organization who is hiring and who is interested in recommendations for candidates from diverse backgrounds, please reach out to us! You can email Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn at eamentorshipprogram@gmail.com.

  • Ideas

    Resources for our community.

    As part of our Women in EA Seminar Series, in August, we interviewed Karolina Sarek. Karolina is co-founder and Director of Research at Charity Entrepreneurship, which helps to start high-impact charities. She also serves as a Fund Manager at the EA Animal Welfare Fund, a consultant for various...
    This post summarizes the answers they gave to this question- “If you are comfortable sharing, were there any resources your mentor directed you to?”/”If you are comfortable sharing, what are some key resources you recommended that might be useful to others?” We hope this is a useful resource...
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    The form below goes straight to our project's email address <eamentorshipprogram@gmail.com>. This email is managed exclusively by Ms. Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn.

    WANBAM is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit registered in the US under EIN 85-0696012.

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